Echoing in my Ear

As soon as twilight hit I heard an excited squealing screeching in my ear. It sounded as though a the rubber tires of a tiny mustang had been implanted into my ear. Walking on wards, I saw a striped bench besides a poky old building surrounded by frozen water. The screeching in my ear became louder and louder and i couldn’t continue to ignore it. My hands clasped to my ears and i’m rolling on the ground, I cant contain myself any longer. The sound is echoing through my ears and begins rattling my brain. Whats going to happen to me?

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  1. Janet Team 100WC

    Well done for getting all the prompt words in to your story so well, Isabelle. They were a tough set this week! There is some excellent description in your story too. I particularly like ‘The screeching in my ear became louder and louder and I couldn’t continue to ignore it’. I can just imagine that! ‘Clasped’ is a good word too. It shows how desperate you were.

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