The Apocalypse

Darkness emerging. A rattling noise in the flat beneath me. The sirens ringing in my ear. It was beginning. My

body instantly started shaking with the movements of the small old apartment building me and my dad lived

in. I felt my dads strong arm pull me to the floor. We crawled in an army like fashion towards the bunker. My

life had turned upside down ever since the beginning of the apocalypse. The pungent smell of burning tires

loomed around the city. These people were getting stronger and everyday at 5:00 pm they would set of a

group of bombs enlightening the city.


  1. Janet Team 100WC

    An excellent piece of descriptive writing, Isabelle, and a gripping story. You held my attention as I wondered what was causing all this. I particularly like ‘we crawled in an army like fashion towards the bunker’ and ‘sirens ringing in my ear’. You build the tension in your story very well indeed. At the end you leave us knowing that something terrible is about to happen.

  2. Mrs P (Team 100WC)

    Hi Isabelle
    What a fabulous 100WC you have written. The short sentences give the writing a sense of urgency which matches the content of the writing. Fantastic.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

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