Lucky To Be Safe

Dilapidated, venerable, cracked, the roof of my pale green room began to crumble. Bombs had been

exploding all around the house, there was only one way to get to the bunker; we had to go through the rose

bush. Scratches covered my whole body and I could feel the blood running down my forehead and then I saw

it; my sister was stuck in one of the holes we dug for the rose bushes. I raced back out with tears falling out of

my eyes. It had been 10 minutes since the bombs had started, I was lucky to be safe.


  1. Mrs Moore Team 100 WC London , UK

    Hi Isabelle,

    This was an absolutely cracking read! I was immediately involved in the action and felt sympathy for your main chracter. I especially loved the way you used precise detail to help me get a picture in my mind’s eye; that must have been so hard crawling through a rose bush and terrifying to see your sister stuck. I’m desperate to know what happens next, this is the sign of a talented writer.
    Mrs Moore Team 100 London

  2. Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia)

    Hello Isabelle, what a great story! Your choice of words made your story so real and emotive. I felt I was there with you. Well done.

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