Just In time

Speedily, the elephant raced towards the town hoping to arrive on time. He had been up all night writing

and editing his speech, by 9 o’clock am it was finally ready. “Phew, now I just have to be at the town hall by

9:05,” the elephant said releaved, but before he even got a minute to relax he caught a glimpse of the clock

and instantly charged out the door. He could see the ground racing pass beneath his feet as he ran faster

and  could taste the salty sweat running into his mouth. He arrived in a thundering sprint then, the elephant

delivered his speech. I was speechless.


  1. Terry Team 100WC UK

    Hi Isabelle, Wow, what a breakneck speed you have in this lovely 100WC story. I think you have used sentences very well to keep the story bowling alongI I was very relieved check this spelling) to see the Elephant wasn’t late, phew!This is a good story woth some excellent descriptive words well used.

  2. Mrs Moore Team 100 WC London , UK

    Hi Isabelle,

    This was a lovely read; you did a great job of describing just how much the elephant was rushing around and made some fabulous word choices. Keep on writing, you clearly have atalent for it.
    Mrs Moore
    Team 100 London

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