My Nightmare

Today at school I experienced every kids worst nightmare. I was on my to school for animal dress up day, I was wearing my brand new raccoon suit. “Oh no,” I quietly mumbled to myself. As I opened my car door I instantly realized that I was the only one dressed up.  I kept walking my head bowed down, my face getting redder with every step I took. I heard the cold snickers of kids laughing at me. “Hey box face,” the kids teased. I looked up at the sky and ran inside to my chair. As I wiped my tears away with my sleeves I felt a soft leaf brush against the back of my head. I was humiliated.

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  1. Hi Isabelle,

    Ah… the worst nightmare… well done for conjuring true dread in your reader! Who hasn’t experienced such a nightmare: rocking up to school in slippers in my own recurring bad dream… Well done on using description so effectively that your reader feels a part of the story.

    I look forward to your next piece.


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