The Barbers House

Placed low in the sky, was a bright, shining moon shimmering in the sky. It was the night of the year, the night

we could all escape isolation. Me and my friends decided we would celebrate by walking down to the old

barbers house. The barbers house was aged and rickety, It was surrounded by tall twiggy trees. All the leaves

were dry and crumpled on the ground. The strange thing was, it was the middle of summer. I felt a cool

breeze flow down my back, I instantly turned around fearing something was watching me but It was only the

moon staring at me, illuminating the sky. When I turned back around I found that it wasn’t the only thing

staring at me.




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  1. Dear Izzy,

    The whole class just read your piece, and we really enjoyed it.
    Some of the highlights were:
    – great atmosphere in your story, quite scary
    – we spotted some DADWAVERS (Where things are and Description)
    – the cliffhanger at the end
    We had one wish for you: there is a repetition of the word “sky” in the first sentence that makes it a little clunky and not very elegant, especially compared to the rest of the text.

    Overall, a fantastic and inspiring effort,
    All the best from your 6/7 buddies.

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