Mystery Moon

In the dark mysterious sky, a man emerged from deep space. The man had deep blue eyes and pale white

hair. This man had a mission he needed to complete. Moon contained some kind of mystical

power. He wanted this power. He wanted a wish. Every night at 3am the man would emerge out of

the darkness and try to steel the moon. It never worked. His face lit up and his eyes widened. This night was

different. He knew it. He was going to steel the moon. He had caught the moon. He was ready to make his

wish. But then…

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  1. Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia)

    You immediately grabbed my attention by your first sentence. It was such a good clue that there was going to be something mysterious happen. Great image! The detail you provided for the man was also good in creating an image.For a moment I thought the moon was going to be safe but THEN, he caught it. What will he do?

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