The strange boulder

We were in the middle of the forest when “SMASH,” a giant boulder fell from the sky; but it 

wasn’t just any boulder it had green splashes all over it like a giant green alien had got to

it first. 

I was inspecting the boulder more thoroughly and then I saw there was a bright ray of

green light beaming out of a small crack. It gradually got bigger and bigger then… 

it had me captured it was about to push me off the water fall, I got free just in time he chased me, we were going

very fast when…

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  1. Hi Isabelle,

    What a sensational story! I thought it was very imaginative – I never expected an alien boulder to come out of anyone’s writing this week! Your description of the beam of light was good; I could see it in my mind’s eye – as your audience, I was riveted by the action! Well done… I look forward to reading your next 100 word challenge.

    Mrs Pratt

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